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The Grand Vision was the perfect name for this ecosystem given to our founder/supporter Bernard Tucker in 2017.  It started with the development of our parent company Brand Visions, which served as a business and personal branding production service business.  Through this business I developed a personal clothing brand of my own called Urban Intellect, with the mission of changing the narrative of the urban inner-city communities. In a nutshell its cool to be smart and that there’s a benefit in sharpening your common sense. 

In the last year Brand Visions has noticed an emerging new space being created in the e-commerce market based off building communities. These communities are used to promote products and services that members in those communities can purchase or access to help them either develop skills of make profits.  We seen this model as an opportunity create the new platforms of New Drop Tees, New Drop Market, and Creative Spacez to serve as what we call Marketplace Communities. These platforms allow our members to connect with communities of buyers and sellers to connect their passions with the possible and turn their passion into profits.

Brand Visions

"Bring Your Vision into reality"

Brand Visions is a promotional products and brand development company for small businesses and startups looking to promote and market their brand to the public. We help businesses find the resources and information needed to bring brand awareness through methods that best represent the image of the brand. 

Creative Spacez

"Connect your passion to the Possible"

Creative Spacez is a community of members connected together through different groups,  that collaborate, support, and promote each others passions. The community platform provides courses, training, resources, and mentorships that helps to develop the communities goals of getting their passions to market.

The New Drop Market

"Turn Your passion into profits"

The New Drop Market is a marketplace for small businesses and entrepreneurs to sell their products and services to customers via a community market based approach. 

Meet Our founder/supporter

Bernard Tucker

Can you tell us more about Brand Visions?

Brand Visions was started in 2017 as business that produced shirts and other items for businesses looking to promote their products and services to the public. Our client base was mostly small businesses and startup entrepreneurs looking for help with branding their business, things like logos, apparel, and product research. 

What is the mission behind The Grand Vision?

The Grand Vision is the visionary blueprint for creating a vehicle to provide small businesses and first generation entrepreneurs with the skills and tools to find their passions and bring them to market. 

You’ve mentioned that the future of business is community, can you tell us more about that?

Yes, in todays competitive business landscape community base business models provide platforms that give the buyers and sellers a more personal relationship, where transactions and conversions build trust, which leads to return customers.

Can you tell us some of the benefits of community based marketplaces?

It creates an ecosystem for your business that not only keeps your customers engaged but also cuts your cost in building a platform by integrating the modules needed to have a successful online e-commerce business all-in-one. 

What does the success of a Marketplace base community look like?

Success to me is creating a community of creatives that work together as a collective to  ensure the success of the entire group through mentorships, collaborations, and support. Together we connect our passions to the possible and turn those passions into profits.

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