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Connect your passion to the possible.

Finding your passion takes bravery.  In the face of fear bravery at some point has to be called out by the creative or the entrepreneur. That’s why it’s important to surround yourself with a community of supporters and members working together through the same process.

Creative Spacez is a community  of creators and entrepreneurs growing through networking and making connections in groups and forums. Our community strives to promote an environment geared towards collaboration, learning, and promoting your passion. Come join the community and build your collective.


Create and join groups in the Creative Spacez community to network, support, and promote your passion with like-minded individuals. Groups are a great way to collaborate and hold yourself accountable to your journey along the process.


The resource portal provides videos and other training materials to educate community members on topics that benefit growth. It also provides assessments to help you gage where your at and what needs to be improved.


New Drop TV is a media company that provides video support for the community. Media services include marketing, advertising, and social media content.


Host or join community forums that discuss topics related to the passion you intend to launch. Forums are a great way to seek assistance and support for problems you need to overcome.


Community networking events are a great way to meet new members with shared knowledge of subjects of interest. Networking events can be both physical and virtual events in our Creative Spacez.


Community members can create collaboration rooms to discuss and share information on a particular subject. These rooms are perfect spaces for teams to work towards shared goals.


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If your looking to connect your passion to the possible, than Creative Spacez is the perfect community for you to collaborate and develop your business.
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